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Dr Naghmana Tehseen


Do you have a child who is struggling with mathematics? 

Are new mathematical concepts confusing you?

Are you looking for individual help for college mathematics?

Are you struggling to grasp the connections between basic and advanced mathematics?

If so, you have come to the right place, because I would love to help!

My Services

I help people prepare for exams, complete assignments, review concepts, and think more critically at all levels of mathematics.

Middle and High School Maths

Help sessions for all 7-12 students who want to fill gaps in understanding the fundamentals of basic maths or wants to improve grades.

Advanced Maths and Stats

Mathematical guidance and direction at the undergraduate level.



Homeschool Tutoring

Supportive learning sessions for homeschooled children and their parents.

Test Preparation and Maths Competitions

Assistance in preparing for various tests, competitions and certificates, including the VCE, the HSC, the NAPLAN, ICAS test, scholarship test and the Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students.

About Me

Anyone can do maths!

My name is Nagmana Tehseen and for many years, I have been helping students improve their mathematical skills, build their confidence and achieve high scores. I believe every student can learn maths with the right support and direction.

I started my teaching career in 2005 as a University Lecturer and continue my studies as well. I graduated with a PhD in Mathematics from La Trobe University (Melbourne) in 2015.  In the course of my mathematical adventures, I have taught maths at many levels in many capacities for diverse institutions.  I enjoy teaching and I think that my main strength is to adapt my teaching style to teach different types of students in different ways. I have published 10 research papers in respected international journals.  See my researchgate page for further details!

In 2017, I had my third child, which brought me out of the University system. After several years in the University system and seeing students struggling with their basic maths skills, I began to realise the students need to develop these skills in their secondary school years. Our school system is failing to provide students the right support when they actually needed. I started to explore what I could do to make a difference in the lives of kids who struggling with maths and be present to my own young kids.

My kids are not only the most important people in my life, but also my inspiration for becoming a full-time tutor. Working from home has enabled me to spend much more time with my little ones as they get bigger. This is a priceless blessing that makes me very grateful for the opportunity to tutor!


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Satisfied Parents and Students

What are clients saying about their experience with Bendigo Maths Tutor?

My son is in 9th grade. He was struggling with his maths lessons at the start of this year. Since he has been attending Ms Naghmana's tuition classes, he has developed not only more interest but also it helps him to have one to one help with clarifying his doubts. Also this is possible as Ms Naghmana is extremely passionate with her teaching. We have managed to set up online classes which I was reluctant initially but we have not had any issues with the online classes and saves time for us. He has improved with his knowledge in maths . Thanks so much for helping my son with his maths lessons.

Sathyakala Vijayannad

My son was almost below average in Maths for years since lower year levels. Maths was his nightmare and his least interested subject. My wife and I were both extremely worried and stressed on his progress and had already used a few tutors for years before meeting Ms Naghmana. After a few months of joining Ms Naghmana's tutoring lessons his interest and focus on Mathematics grew drastically and he ended up with ( A+) in his most recent SAC. I am so happy about his progress and mainly on his improvement of interest in Mathematics. I strongly recommend Ms Naghmana for any student who needs an accelerated progress in his/her Maths studies

Ruwan Kannangara

After going to maths tuition my daughter is improving in her subject. Naghmana is very approachable and flexible with timings. My daughter feels comfortable in asking questions and Naghmana makes sure the question appropriately answered.

Poornima Madina

Naghmana is a highly qualified Maths teacher, who has the knowledge and excellent teaching skills to educate students of all ages. My daughter in grade 5 has immensely benefited from this academy, there is a big improvement in her maths skills since the time she started. I would highly recommend this academy if you are looking for a professional and highly educated Maths teacher.

Hyra Usman

Our daughter has been tutored by Naghmana, in mathematics, since February 2019. She had started Year 11, at Senior school, and was clearly struggling and behind the level where she should have been at for this subject (she had previously attended BSE) Naghmana very quickly helped our daughter reach the level she needed to be at and, much further, she now attains A grades on all of her SACs. We are, obviously, really pleased with Naghmana’s ability to teach maths and it is once again our daughter’s favourite subject at school.

Paul Bush

Naghmana is very qualified and has a great knowledge of maths. She has helped me significantly to improve my mathematical understanding of difficult concepts.

Billy (Year 12 student)

My daughter is in year 7 this year and struggled with understanding maths for the first half of the year, to the point where she got 3/17 for a test and I was trying to help her for hours each night, to no avail. I engaged Naghmana in July and already after one term my daughter has improved exponentially, receiving 16/18, 9/12 and 16/20 for her 3 tests this term. I am so thrilled with her teaching methods. My daughter has warmed to Naghmana, she says she is funny and nice. But more importantly she know how to teach different ways of getting to the same answer, which suits my daughter, when Maths doesn't come naturally to her. She will continue to have one 2 hour session per week which will help her with the foundations for maths for the rest of high school. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thanks Naghmana!!

Stacey Wilkinson

The gulf between primary and secondary school is wide, especially when it comes to mathematics, and my daughter urgently needed someone to help her across.
We found Naghmana, and we are extremely grateful. She not only helped with the fundamentals of maths, but also restored my daughter's confidence in the subject.
Naghmana is patient, understanding and enthusiastic. It is easy to see why her students' results improve so dramatically.


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