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Holiday Maths Fun: Thinking Mathematically

Mathematical thinking through creative activities

Holiday mathematics fun is a unique opportunity for students to expand their mathematical knowledge. The 2 weeks intensive course will provide children some challenges to change their mindset about mathematics. Mathematics is fun and we need to provide children with a learning environment where they can express themselves and make sense of it. I believe everyone is capable of learning mathematics!

I will be hosting six workshops (2 hours each) during June and July for children aged 9-14 years old. There are several advantages to preparing upper primary and secondary level students for problem solving through mathematical thinking.

The aim of these workshops is to focus on developing mathematical thinking through applications, activities, and extensions. Mathematical thinking improves students’ problem-solving ability and helps them to become logical thinkers.

In addition, we will learn new mathematical concepts and explore mathematical reasoning through the exploration of relatable examples and student exercises. The workshops will conclude by looking at students writing practices, as a fundamental aspect of mathematics is the ability to convey your ideas and make connections within different areas of mathematics.


  • Basic arithmetic
  • Logical thinking
  • Algebra
  • Order of operations
  • Understanding fractions
  • Visual mathematical puzzles
  • Strategic problem solving
  • Geometric thinking

Duration: 2 Weeks (6 workshops 2 hours each)

Days: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Time: 2-4 pm (Melbourne AEDT)

Students will be provided with additional exercises and activities to continue their learning at home at the conclusion of these workshops.

Problem solving can bee developed by providing some challenge through mathematical thinking.
Thinking Mathematically

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