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End-Of-Year Reflection: 2019 High School Success Stories

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It is always rewarding to see the evidence that you have made a positive impact on someone’s life. It was a great year for me and my students who worked really well and performed very well in their exams. I have worked with a wide range of students including high school, secondary school and upper primary level students. Here are some of the success stories.

High School Students: (Year 11 and 12 students)

 #1 Billy was in the final year of high school and he was doing VCE Maths Methods. This course is pretty hard and runs at a very fast pace. It is very common for students to fall behind. They can’t cope up with the pressure of their final year exams, it does impact on their ATAR score. Billy was a very keen learner and had a good grasp on his mathematics concept. However, he needed someone who can help him with the difficult concepts and can show him a bigger picture of mathematical ideas. He always enjoyed our sessions and had achieved high ATAR score 97.1 and 40/50 in his Maths Methods. Billy was so happy and excited to achieve his desired ATAR score.

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VCE Maths Methods

#2 Tay was a year 12 students and she was doing VCE Further Maths. She was struggling with maths in her final year of school. Tay was seeking help from other sources but nothing worked for her. She came to me 3 months before her final exams. It was a challenging task for me to bring her to the level so that she can go through all contents in such a short period of time. But, I took the challenge and worked with her extensively for three months. She worked hard and achieved an amazing result. Tay was so happy with her result and sent me the following message.

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VCE Further Maths

#3 Rash was a year 11 student and he came to me at the end of 2018  when he finished year 10. He was struggling with maths and his teacher was saying he would not be able to do year 11 maths. His parents were struggling to find help from school and they also hired many other tutors but nothing worked out for them.  We started working 2 hours per week together and after 6 months I have got the following comments from his dad:

My son was almost below average in Maths for years since lower year levels. Maths was his nightmare and his least interesting subject. My wife and I were both extremely worried and stressed on his progress and had already used a few tutors for years before meeting Ms Naghmana. After a few months of joining Ms Naghmana’s tutoring lessons his interest and focus on Mathematics grew drastically and he ended up with ( A+) in his most recent SAC. I am so happy about his progress and mainly on his improvement of interest in Mathematics. I strongly recommend Ms Naghmana for any student who needs accelerated progress in his/her Maths studies”

Our classes helped him not only achieved higher grades but also improved his confidence. He used to say “I hate maths”, “I am dumb, I can’t do maths” but now he is a different person and he has improved his maths skills and confidence. He will be doing his year 12 Further Maths in 2020. I am looking forward to working with him in the coming year.

#4 Another year 11 students, Alicia was struggling with maths at the start of 2019. She started to think to drop off maths and her parents decided to find a tutor for her. After a few months, I have received the following feedback from her parents.

Our daughter has been tutored by Naghmana, in mathematics, since February 2019. She had started Year 11, at Senior school, and was clearly struggling and behind the level where she should have been at for this subject (she had previously attended BSE) Naghmana very quickly helped our daughter reach the level she needed to be at and, much further, she now attains A grades on all of her SACs. We are, obviously, really pleased with Naghmana’s ability to teach maths and it is once again our daughter’s favourite subject at school.”

She has achieved straight A in her year 11 exams. We are looking forward to another year of maths fun in 2020.

  #5 Another year 11 student, Miss A, very intelligent girl but hasn’t developed enough interest in maths. She thought mathematics is her worst subject. She doesn’t like to do maths. Our maths sessions have changed her mindset and now she says maths is her favourite subject. She has improved her maths confidence and now always interested in learning a new topic and with great interest.

“After going to maths tuition my daughter is improving in her subject. Naghmana is very approachable and flexible with timings. My daughter feels comfortable in asking questions and Naghmana makes sure the question appropriately answered.”

We are looking forward to working together in 2020 for her final year of high school.

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