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Further maths final exam
11.06.2020 / by Bendigo Maths Tutor

How to ACE VCE Further Mathematics Exam

The final days of high school and exams are approaching quickly. Now is the time to start your revision and put strategies…

high school online courses
03.01.2020 / by Bendigo Maths Tutor

End-Of-Year Reflection: 2019 High School Success Stories

It is always rewarding to see the evidence that you have made a positive impact on someone’s life. It was a great…

03.12.2019 / by Bendigo Maths Tutor

How to Tackle VCE Maths Methods

Here are few tips for VCE Maths methods students: #1 Have a study plan: The most important key to success is to…

Maths anxiety
15.05.2019 / by Bendigo Maths Tutor

Parents help in Mathematics Learning

Research shows that future jobs will require a deeper knowledge of Mathematical concepts and their applications. We need to prepare our children…

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