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How to Tackle VCE Maths Methods

Here are few tips for VCE Maths methods students:

#1 Have a study plan:

The most important key to success is to have an effective study plan. Organise your study session effectively by setting realistic goals. Prioritise your tasks in such a way that you spend most of your time on important tasks. You learn new concepts every week and the course runs at a fast pace. So, you must do regular homework as well as set some time aside for the revision of earlier topics.

#2 Create Summary Book (Bond reference book):

You should create a summary book and the best advice is to create it yourself as you go and do not put things in it which you have never used before. The exam will be two hours long; you will not have enough time to flip around the book so keep it short and use dividers to highlight the topics so you can find relevant content quickly. You must add tricky problems from the past exams, look at the examiner reports and find out the problems where most students struggled in the previous years. Most likely you are going to get similar questions as examiners tend to include similar problems.

#3 Course content and exam structure:

The exam is designed to assess abilities in Algebra, Functions and Graphs, Calculus, Trigonometry, and Probability. Familiarise yourself with the content and exam structure to find out if there are any gaps in your learning and you do not know the terms at all. Exam 1 is technology-free and notes are not allowed. Exam 2 allows you to use a calculator and summary book so you should make a habit to use a calculator and summary book so you can finish off the exam on time.

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#4 Practice past exam and SACs:

The best way to get good marks in SACs and exam is to practice past papers. Practice, practice and practice but do not stress too much about how many exam questions you do correctly. Focus on learning why you are getting the wrong answer and find out the problem in your understanding. You can always go back and develop a strong conceptual understanding which is a key secret of success. First, do the exam papers without time constraints because you need to familiarise yourself with the exam-style questions and time pressure can limit your ability of problem-solving. Once you are confident at solving problems without a time limit, then you can introduce time constraints.

#5 Seek help:

You have tried everything and you still are not getting somewhere closer to your desired results. So, it is the time to ask for help, you can ask your teacher or find out if your school is offering extra help sessions or even other students that you know. Try to discuss questions with your friends as it will help you understand better and will boost your confidence or you can find a tutor who can help you!


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