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Parents help in Mathematics Learning

Maths anxiety

Research shows that future jobs will require a deeper knowledge of Mathematical concepts and their applications. We need to prepare our children for these jobs starting from an early age. Elementary Maths skills are very important, that is the time when children build up their understanding and feelings about the subject. It is very common to develop a fear of Maths from a very early age.

Whenever someone asked me what you do and I say I teach Maths, the first thing I hear back is “I was not good in Maths at School” or “I hate Maths”. I explain to them, no it was not your fault because you did not get the right support from school or people around you. I believe that everyone can do Maths with the right support. What I mean by the right support is to provide access and opportunity to master their Maths skill at home, remember, maths is a subject where both parent and teacher efforts are necessary.

Mats help for parents

The most important advice/tip is you (as a parent) need to be positive about their learning especially when it comes to Maths. Please try not to say things like “I can’t do Maths” or “Maths is not my thing” because your child may start to think the same. You can support them by pointing out Maths in everyday life, including them you in daily activities such as cooking (involve measurement), shopping (involves numbers) and travelling (involves time, money and numbers). Try to identify where they are struggling, how you can support them by creating a suitable learning environment.

If you are not sure where to start or how to help your child feel free to contact me, I will be happy to provide support to your child.

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